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Suite of Codes

The WMAI are continuing to develop a range of Codes of Practice for waterproofing membranes for all situations.

  • Below-Grade Tanking Membranes Code
In Development:

It is anticipated that bi-annual revisions of all documents will be made, or at such other times when there is a need for review.

Development Methodology

The development methodology for all Codes developed by the WMAI is as follows:

  • The Members creates a “wish list” for the scope of the proposed document
  • A review of international documents and publications, manufacturers and suppliers’ literature, and the New Zealand Building Code is undertaken to refine the scope
  • Draft text is written, based on the surveyed literature, the practical experience of the committee members and from industry knowledge
  • An initial draft is reviewed by the Members, and edited accordingly
  • A public consultation draft is released to targeted industry parties for their comments, including the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (New Zealand), industry organizations, BCAs (Building Consent Authorities), applicators, designers, suppliers, building owners, and roofing consultants
  • Each comment received from the reviewers is considered and discussed by the Development Committee, and where appropriate changes are made
  • The pre-print draft is reviewed and signed off by all members of the WMAI
  • The Code is made available for download from the WMAI website, members’ websites, plus printed in hardcopy